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Welcome Indy roadster fans! this website best viewed using Safari browser

In all of the history of the Indy 500, there has never been a more popular and, currently, sought after car than the front engine Indy roadster. Starting in 1952, with the Kurtis 500 A, the "roadsters" raced on into the mid 60s, with the final appearance of a Watson roadster in 1966.

The premier roadster builders were, of course, Frank Kurtis and A.J. Watson, but many great roadsters were built by other car builders of the day, including the "laydown" engine cars of George Salih & Quinn Epperly, Watson clones by Ewing & Trevis and various roadster versions by Kuzma, Lesovsky, Phillips & Meskowski.

This is a "nuts & bolts" site about designing, building and restoring the Indy roadsters including restored real cars, reproductions, replicas and "tribute" cars.

We are talking about the roadsters that raced at Indy between 1952 and 1966.

No supermodifieds!

We are just getting started here and we will be continuously adding stuff, so join the forums and add your questions, answers and comments.

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