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Tom McGriff Resume

Posted on January 27, 2010 at 1:23 PM

Tom McGriff

P.O.Box 22444

Indianapolis, IN



e-mail [email protected]

Career profile for Tom McGriff

45+ years experience at top level of professional racing including:

*USAC Sprint cars and Championship cars



*SCCA & CASC Formula Atlantic cars

*vintage CAN-AM, F1,INDY, LE mans prototypes


Technical experience includes:

*design, construction and development of sports racing, formula, Indy and sprint cars including chassis,     suspension, components, systems and bodywork.

*assembly and modification of racing transmissions and transaxles.

*design and technical services of racing tires.

*design and manufacture of racing wheels.

*design and construction of patterns, molds and tooling for composite bodywork.

*design and fabrication of fiberglass and carbon fiber components and bodywork.

*design and construction of human powered vehicles.

*CAD designing of racing chassis, suspension and bodywork.

*aerodynamics and mechanical vehicle dynamics.

*metal machining and fabricating.

*materials application including steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass and carbon fiber. *application of proprietary components and systems such as brakes ,steering, driveline, etc.


Current owner: Tom McGriff Design

*consultant, designer and constructor of specialized vehicles, chassis, suspension, bodywork, components &     systems.

*designs include sprint cars, formula cars and sports cars.

*deign and manufacturing of components and bodywork for the restoration of vintage formula, sports, sprint and INDY cars including F1, CAN-AM, LeMans prototypes.

Current owner: Mac Miller’s Garage

*consultant, designer and constructor of vintage style American racing cars including:

20s &30s style speedway cars

50s & 60s style sprint cars

50s &60s style Indy roadsters


career chronology:

1963 through 1968- mechanic- USAC sprint car series

1970- metal fabricator- Vanguard Race Cars

1971- mechanic- BFGoodrich Firebird, SCCA TransAm series

1972- tire technician- BFGoodrich Corvette, FIA GT series

1972 through 1976- owner- M&J Race Tires, contracted to Goodyear Racing Div.

1974 through 2010- owner- MotoPro Wheels, designer and builder of alum, modular racing wheels

1975- chief mechanic- Chip Mead Racing, CASC Formula Atlantic series

1976 through 1977- team manager- Bernstein Racing, SCCA Formula Atlantic series

1978 through 1980- mechanic- Armstrong Mould Racing including:

          USAC Indycar series gearbox technician & chief mechanic

          USAC sprint car series race tire technician.

1981- mechanic- Tim Richmond Racing - USAC & CART Indycar series.

1982- general manager- M&J Race Tires, contracted to Goodyear Racing Div.

1983- transport manager- Wysard Racing, CART Indycar Series

1984 through 2010- owner HuDyn Vehicles- design and construction of human powered vehicles

1984- partner- Autosport Eng- constuctors of fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber/honeycomb racecar bodywork. 1985- author & publisher- HuDyn Vehicles, design and construction of human powered vehicles

1986 through 1987- mechanic- Hotchkis Racing- IMSA GTP series mechanic, tire technician & fiberglass          fabrication.

1988- fabricator- EG Composites- fiberglass, carbon fiber constructors

1989- composite shop mgr- Peerless Racing, IMSA GTP series

1990 through 2010- owner- Tom McGriff Design- consultant, designer & constructor:

          fiberglass & carbon bodywork

          specialized vehicles

          vehicle components & systems

          vintage & classic vehicle restoration & reproduction.

1990 through 2010- owner- Mac Miller’s Garage- consultant, designer and constructor of vintage style                          American racing cars including:

        20s &30s style speedway cars,

        50s & 60s style sprint cars

        50s &60s style Indy roadsters


notable technical achievements 

1974 design and construction of innovative two piece, modular racing wheels.

1978 design and development of the first tire pressure control valves to be used in racing.

1984 design, construction and development of innovative human powered vehicles for competition and handicap use.

1985 design of specialized human powered vehicle tires.

1985 author and publisher of a series of books concerning the design and construction of human powered vehicles.


Current contact information for Tom McGriff

Tom McGriff

P.O.Box 22444

Indianapolis IN


tel: 317-738-6405

e-mail: [email protected]

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