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NOVI roadsters NOVI roadsters 1956 Kurtis 500F #29 chassis #389-56 33789412 1964 Kurtis 500K 36204753 1963 Kurtis 500K Bob Unser 36385586 1956 Kurtis 500F chassis #389-56 & #390-56 38294448 1956 Kurtis 500F in the 1963 Indy 500 39837336 1956 Kurtis 500F in the 1963 Indy 500 Art Malone 42378672 1965 Kurtis 500K Jim Hurtubise 41238618 1965 Kurtis 500K Jim Hurtubise 41238619 1963 Kurtis 500K Jim Hurtubise 41238738 1964 Ferguson P104 NOVI Bob Unser 36204754 1964 Ferguson P104 NOVI 41666613 Fangio drives Kurtis 500G Novi in 1958 Five times World Champion, Juan Manuel Fangio tested the Novi during May 1958. Although Fangio was immediately at home in the Novi and wanted to drive the car, Lew Welch's efforts to release him from a previous contract failed. Fangio left Indianapolis disappointed. 98057681 Fangio drives the Kurtis 500G Novi Fangio drove the Novi of Bill Cheesbourg. On Fangio's first laps at the helm of the powerful Novi, he had no difficulty in lapping at the same pace as Paul Russo. Only contractual problems kept Fangio from driving for Lew Welch. What a missed opportunity for a Novi victory at the Brickyard! 98057682