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laydown roadsters laydown roadsters Salih- the first and most successful 34267188 Epperly- Demler Spl. 34281407 Epperly- DemlerSpl with Cad Eldorado fin 39626443 Epperly- Jones & Malley Spl. 34404680 Epperly- Hoover Motor Express Spl. 34404681 Salih- Belond Spl. '57 & '58 Indy 500 winner 34404682 Salih- Metal Cal Spl. 34404683 Lesovsky- Racing Assoc. Spl.-Milwaukee winner '59 34404684 Kurtis- Bowes Seal Fast Spl 38351324 Epperly- Autolite Spl. 39624284 Kuzma- Jim Robbins Spl. 39837837 Kuzma- Jim Robbins Spl. 39837838 38351325 38351326 40726374 proposed new mac miller Spl. 48134864 proposed new mac miller Spl. 48134865